Our Partners

Here are some of our partnership providers:

Since starting in the UK in 2002, Ingeus UK has grown from a team of three people to become a leading provider of people-centred services, such as employability programmes, skills training and health-related support, which help people to reach their full potential.


Working Links
Working Links are a leading provider of services to help those in society with complex needs to progress from social exclusion to social inclusion.


Campbell Page
Campbell Page help people in difficult situations overcome personal challenges, find employment and regain their independence.


Shaw Trust
Shaw Trust is a national charity that helps people facing disadvantage into work, gain skills and take control of their futures.


Before coming to TBG Learning I’d been looking for jobs with little success. To be honest, I’d really started to feel unemployable.

Everything I learnt at TBG helped me to prepare for my interview; it was such an achievement to know that the skills I’d acquired resulted in my new job as part of a hotel’s service team.

Sally Fry

Our centres

TBG Learning has learning centres across England and Wales which provide training
and employment services.

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Some of our successful learners

Every year more than 35,000 people participate on a TBG Learning programme. Here are some of our successful learners and job seekers, read about how they’ve achieved their goals.