TBG Learning

For more than 20 years TBG Learning has been helping people across the UK and Ireland transform their lives through learning.

TBG Learning is a third sector owned youth and adult learning organisation, as well as a growing provider of services focused on employment preparation. We’re part of Rehab Group, a charity that works across the UK providing training, employment, health and social care and commercial services to some 80,000 people each year.

Every year we support thousands of people through our programmes, helping them with their journey towards getting and keeping a job. We provide a whole package of training and support for unemployed people which is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of each person that comes through our doors.

Our service is focussed on achieving long-term employment outcomes for our customers, we help people to recognise their skills and abilities, build on them and apply them to the labour market.

I would say to anyone who’s thinking of joining TBG Learning that it’s a great opportunity to take. I felt that my life wasn’t really going anywhere because I felt that I couldn’t achieve anything, but TBG Learning got me motivated.

It’s nothing like school, they treat you like young adults and are all really friendly and are there to help you and support you in whatever way they can.

Keri Suett

Our centres

TBG Learning has learning centres across England and Wales which provide training
and employment services.

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Some of our successful learners

Every year more than 35,000 people participate on a TBG Learning programme. Here are some of our successful learners and job seekers, read about how they’ve achieved their goals.